Wednesday, September 28, 2011


ethan vlah 
this is ethan.. he is one of my all time favorite people in the world - and i am lucky to be related to such an amazing talent.

a musical genius, although i imagine he would argue with me about giving him that title...

a beautiful man... body, mind & soul.
a natural and gifted teacher.  he reaches the masses through his mind blowing ability to translate the complexities of what is to be a human being through his hands. the music this one creates with his tablas is pure, ancient, and soul healing.

ethan is the percussionist of austin based trio - atlas maior.  austin friends... you gotta check. them. out.

you can find atlas maior on facebook, you tube, and on their website.

do what you love... give love,


  1. I came via Amy's page... Wow, you have an eye for sure... Love how you know how to work w/light... You create a lot of magic and calm in your photos... Beautiful work!.

  2. Holy shit, Jen. Holy shit. I'm honored. -Ethan


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