Wednesday, March 16, 2011


sitting in panera in longmont..
overhearing two high school aged boys converse...
about the girls they are lusting after
the grand awesomeness of trucks (i almost wrote cars, but it is trucks, this is colorado after all!)
their buddy who is dating that girl who is untouchable
the video game they conquered

and they are laughing
and one has an infectious laugh
and it makes me smile

their insecurities masked with false bravado
they appear so tough...
but all i see are two little boys...  seeking... scared of failure...
scared of the unfathomable humbling of acknowledging their humanness.
it helps me forgive those stupid boys i knew in high school and college.


i keep thinking about getting a new tattoo...

i have one
one small beautiful flower

and i love it
never once regretted it

and i am not one who wanted another tattoo as soon as i got my first
i know plenty of people who got hooked on the tats

but i'm thinking...

a mandala...
sun and moon....
feminine and masculine convergence...

i can see it clearly in my mind.

we'll see....
we shall see.


i am in the early stages of planning to trip to NE Ohio
it will be a beautiful trip
may is always beautiful along the 41 parallel

not quite summer
but way beyond spring
i've always loved the light in may...

the return of the yellow light.
yellow light
it is comfort and relaxing... mellow.
yep... may will be a nice time for a visit.


we adopted a bunny
a little cottontail
his name is basil helios
he is our little herbal sungod

helios... i've been reading so much ancient Egyptian history, it is spilling over into my life...

instead of letting the girls name him,
i came home and declared his name because selfishly i did not want him to be called
"foo-foo fa-la-la"
or something along those lines
which is precisely what mary would have chosen.

i'm a pretty giving mama,
so i feel ok with being a jerk on this one.

basil is sweet and beautiful.
and i never thought i could love a little fluff ball so much. 

mike is building a hutch for him
with the help of our wonderful neighbor
who happens to be a sustainable building contractor
he used all reclaimed wood... and repurposed materials
it is gorgeous
and my dream of having a living roof is finally coming true by way of the hutch...

we will be vermicomposting the manure into beautiful black gold. 
a wonderful thrilling thing for this girl.
and it feels good to be using my degree in sustainable community development again.

i must leave my free wifi haven now.

enjoy a lovely evening.