Saturday, March 5, 2011


let's celebrate springs impending arrival with a photo session special!!!

$125 for a 45 minute on location photo session 
with a disc of full resolution proofing images.  
PLUS!  if you refer a friend you get 
$25 to put towards your photo session 
or towards prints!  

i have been preoccupied with the return of warmth...
the return of green!

i am giddy with anticipation!


darbi and ilia..  this gorgeous couple...

they are one of the best rewards of my job.
clients turned friends.

i am hoping they will make the trip up to no. co. this summer for a week of hot springs, camping and pure joy.

darbi and i are so connected... our kids are the same age... our minds seem to work in the same way.. she is a great true beauty.  i am constantly blown away by her radiance.. the love in her actions... her compassion for others... she is breathtaking in every imaginable way.

and ilia is such a beautiful soul.  the kind of man you respect and love all in one moment.  he is kind and gracious. to watch him with his family is one of the most beautiful things i have witnessed.  the outpouring of love and loyalty he displays is beyond beautiful.  he is comfort, grace, and protection rolled up in one handsome man.

let us celebrate love... and rebirth... and spring!

let us celebrate this wonderful beautiful life!!!

blessings to each of you.