Saturday, January 29, 2011


this family....
what do i say about a family that is so special to me?  

paloma is soooo incredibly sexy yet sooo humble.   a super smarty pants yet so relatable.   the kind of woman you want to get to know, share a bottle of wine with and laugh until your sides hurt.  

and nolan.. the definition of a fair and honest man.  not only is he handsome - he is one of the most logical, considerate and intelligent people i have ever met.  plus, he is also known to totally rock the pirate look which the neighborhood children totally dig (and the mamas too )

and then there is joaquin... 

here i am without words.  
i love this little guy.  those eyes and that smile.. just such a pure sweet little one.   light and love radiates from him... you can't help but feel uplifted and hopeful in his presence.  

this family... 
they are something spectacular.