Friday, December 10, 2010


this is taza.

taza is love.  

she has been a healing force in my life...  
by helping me heal after my miscarriages
by surrounding my daughter in light and love during and after her first surgery
by holding the space for me to process & forgive past emotional and physical traumas
and by reminding me to make time for myself...  to take care and love myself.  

she sees through the bullshit.. 
gets into your heart.. 
and offers you love.  

a magical bodyworker.
a kind and true spirit.  
a dear friend, whom i am ever grateful to know.

for a magical taza treatment visit her website::  tazmassage  
you will reemerge closer to the person you were born to be... kinder, healthier and healing.

**she also sells the BEST coffee around!!!  ask for the Peaceful Rainbow Blend!  YUM!