Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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::  november edition::

on the long walk to the stupa
stupa @ shambhala

ah... October and November flew by...  i skipped October's edition because i can't find a family pic... i know i took some.. i must have taken at least one!?  

anyhow... November gets two pictures...

its been a wonderful month... i now have a 5 year old!  she seems 5 going on 20, but i guess most parents think that of their precocious little ones..   the tantrums are hilarious (well looking back on them they are.. catch me in the moment and i am usually as swept up as she is)... the foot stomping, grumpy faces, and  exaggerated "hmphs"! aye-yi-yi!   not sure where she gets it from? (i'm sure my mother will catch the strong whiff of sarcasm here)  but most of the time she is my sweet one.. so eager to help and take care of her younger sister... she has so much love and patience.. and a style that goes unmatched!  she is all pink and purple these days... amazing what children do for your heart... mine swells with pride and admiration constantly... 

i also have an almost two year old who is talking up a storm in a sweet little baby accent that i do not fully understand... she is in such a fun age.. she adores and mimics her big sister... often trying on her clothes before anyone notices... lately she has been putting on costume necklaces then climbing onto the toilet to get a good look at herself in the bathroom mirror, then exclaiming "sooo pretty!"... she is independent and sure of herself - insisting to walk instead of being carried, even in the grocery where i beg and plead for her to go into the cart... yet she still so little and i am savoring the times when all she wants is to snuggle with her head on my chest.. while rocking her by the fire this evening... she went abruptly from telling me all about our house to a sound peaceful sleep, with her lips making the nursing movements and a little sigh escaping her... ah!  these moments, so blessed... this one is a fireball - full of life and love... she completed our little family and i felt that deeply as soon as she was born.. 

ok.. parental gushing aside...

we are LOVING colorado... the hiking, the mountains, the prairie, the cold weather.. all of it! a couple weekends ago, we stumbled upon the shambhala center while looking for a hiking trail... so glad we journeyed into the great stupa... it was absolutely breathtaking!   as soon as i opened the door i gasped and tears flowed... the wash of serenity and beauty... i can't tell you how much we all needed to be there... 

other than a few trips to denver and a few hikes, we've spent most of our time at home, but its been so wonderful...  i am a big homebody, so i am biased.

our days usually consist of oatmeal... bird watching and feather finding... entertainment a la squirrel antics... planning and making and eating lots of soup and bread.... snuggling by the fire... finding little girls huddled on the heating vents...  reading... knitting... sewing... watching episode upon episode upon episode of little house on the prairie... lots and lots of coloring... and singing... oh boy... tons of singing!

its been a good month... one with so many lessons and so many moments to be grateful for... 

thank you November for all the beautiful memories!

Friday, November 19, 2010


i really miss him while he's at work....