Sunday, October 31, 2010


5 minutes of appreciation...
this small project is in response to a few days filled with the pure rawness of life... 
the unfair, sad and painful balanced with the bliss-filled, gentle and deviously happy...  
i needed to document little miraculous wonderful happy bits of my day to day life... 
i needed to validate... to witness... to celebrate these small magical times....  the ones that i - far too often - take for granted, yet these are the memories i look back on and smile with my heart full.

rest in peace sweet baby violet... and may your mama and papa be surrounded in love and light.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


a day in photos...
12 hours...
8 am to 7 pm

a few weeks ago a set the alarm on my phone to go off every hour ... prompting me to take a photo of that moment....

...i give to you, snippets out of the everyday life of jen long...

day part one
a day part dos
last act

when i uploaded the pictures from the camera... i remember thinking "oh my, i should have planned something more exciting for today..."

it took me a few weeks to fully appreciate the beauty and power in these images..

this is my life.

my messy and busy and full and wonderful life!

i love how nostalgia colors and illuminates these ordinary circumstances!

here is to the magical everyday moment... may your eyes be wide open!



dec flyer
i'm thinking the desert will feel pretty good in early december!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


:: four people ::
:: twelve months ::
::  september edition::

september was... challenging.  

while august was filled with the possibility of change, september was filled with the reality of transition.

while i do not want to rehash specifics... lord knows, i do not want to live through a few of the moments ever again... 

what i will share is, september was filled with::

me saying and doing the wrong thing (more than i can ever remember)
me apologizing to my family and myself.. a lot.
a lot of crying... by all of the long girls.
beautiful happy moments (one of which is pictured above)
lots of bike riding (crazy awesome - not at all a bad thing)
lots of saying "oops!"
only filling up the gas tank once
garden digging
free flower seeds
time with denver friends (so grateful for them)
soup.... lots and lots of soup.
street musicians and street magicians
a date with my mary - complete with a kite, a diner, a mini shopping cart and hearing "this is the best day of my life, mom!"
french press coffee
spiders - everywhere!
a windfall of free apples and plums
feeling the seasons shift
feeling inadequate
potty training for one little girl and starting school for the other
full moon praising
lots of singing and snuggling and sighing.

the picture above was taken towards the end of the month during a family bike ride to the market... funny that we cling to each other and to the sign that tells us to "let it all go"...  i can only let go when i know i have them.  

my family is what kept me somewhat sane during this transition.  their love, their humor, their consistency of being wonderfully imperfect - yet - oh so perfect to me - kept me grounded while i tried so desperately to "let it all go."

september was tough... no joke.   but as always, challenging times =  heightened appreciation for the sweetness in life.  

here is to a beautiful october.... so far, its been awesome!


* inspired by tara