Monday, August 16, 2010


:: four people ::
:: twelve months ::
::  august edition::
the adventure beings... 

a new (awesome) town 
a new home to settle into
new friends to meet and love
a new age to celebrate (my 33rd and according to hobbits i have finally reached adulthood)
new foods (for sophia - bye bye mama milk)
new trees to climb and dream in
new trails to hike and bike
a new swimming hole 
new mountains to explore and campsites to find
new clients to meet and play with
new domestic responsibilities (a lawn to mow and a garden to dig out and plant)
a new job (a dream realized and fulfilled)
new farmers to meet and befriend at the market 
a new climate (yay!!!!! seasons!!!!)

yet, with all this newness, there remains the same blissed out love for my family
and the same gratefulness in my heart for this blessed life i've been given.

it is going to be another wonderful journey around the sun!


inspired by tara