Friday, August 13, 2010


this is ann...

a beautiful, gentle and kind yogini i met while in michigan. she's my mama's yoga teacher, and i was fortunate to be able to attend two of her classes - which were held in underneath a octagonal skylight... i bathed in a vortex of light and warmth during the asanas... ah, so wonderful!

i highly recommend to all my lovely kzoo friends to head over to one of her classes! she teaches at k-college and sangha yoga. you will not be disappointed, she is all around lovely lovely lovely!

what i loved so much about this session were the magical nooks we found to shoot in... my favorite is represented in the third picture... it was taken in the 5 feet of green area between the parking lot and dumpsters... beauty is all around!

this song was in my head during our shoot...

peace to all... life to all... love to all.