Saturday, June 5, 2010


steve took this picture...
it makes me so ridiculously happy...  of course it reminds my of my little brother, who is amazing - when i say that i feel like one of those a**hole celebrities that say everyone is "amazing", but i really mean it... the kid has freakin talent!  - actually,  i am so lucky,  all of my siblings are so fun and creative and i thoroughly enjoy hanging around all of  them!

anyway... this picture..
it is so real, so spontaneous, so silly... i am un-showered, i believe my zipper is somewhat down (ha!), and i am wearing my green flannel... always with the green flannel...  its good to make fun, have fun, be fun!

i finally updated my website!  its all reconfigured, and loaded with fresh faces!  i urge you to check it out... let me know if you find any kinks, alright?

the usps graced me with a box of 1,500 business cards!  whoo hoo!!!  i usually go with moo, but vista prints' offer was too good!  so if you are in tucson, i imagine you will see my cards plastered all over town!

now, i will turn off the computer... finish my simpler times and play with my family!

happy weekend!