Friday, June 18, 2010


this is the first session with primarily black and white images...
ah.. and this beautiful vibrant family... this family is so, so, so lovely... there home is bright and cheery... so welcoming and filled with love...  there is a magic about them...  and i bet i'm not the only one who notices... they sparkle!

Friday, June 11, 2010


this is why i love photography...
documenting moments in this big beautiful life!


yay!  i am so excited to offer these sessions!  michigan is a beautiful place,  especially in the summer!!!  the grass, the lakes, the trees!!  oh, the trees!  all that green... after living in the desert for 10 years, the intense green and the abundance of water in michigan is always such a visual treat...

i am also excited to add that i have added a button on the right sidebar, that allows my clients to pay for their session fees with paypal!  yay!  no more writing checks!  ok, i admit, this is most likely only exciting to me..

happy friday... enjoy a beautiful weekend!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


steve took this picture...
it makes me so ridiculously happy...  of course it reminds my of my little brother, who is amazing - when i say that i feel like one of those a**hole celebrities that say everyone is "amazing", but i really mean it... the kid has freakin talent!  - actually,  i am so lucky,  all of my siblings are so fun and creative and i thoroughly enjoy hanging around all of  them!

anyway... this picture..
it is so real, so spontaneous, so silly... i am un-showered, i believe my zipper is somewhat down (ha!), and i am wearing my green flannel... always with the green flannel...  its good to make fun, have fun, be fun!

i finally updated my website!  its all reconfigured, and loaded with fresh faces!  i urge you to check it out... let me know if you find any kinks, alright?

the usps graced me with a box of 1,500 business cards!  whoo hoo!!!  i usually go with moo, but vista prints' offer was too good!  so if you are in tucson, i imagine you will see my cards plastered all over town!

now, i will turn off the computer... finish my simpler times and play with my family!

happy weekend!