Wednesday, January 13, 2010


winter light cholla - vibrance
my hope is that this post relates a much lighter and happier reflection of where i am. in my last post, i was spilling of all of the tenderness and confusion that has been swirling inside of me over the past week... it was truth, but not the whole truth. i was focusing on my hurting and feelings of inadequacy, but i am so much more than those feelings... last post was my spewing of emotion, to make room for change. because, i believe, sometimes we need to get all messy and complicated and blubbery, to get to the clarity underneath... at least, it usually takes all of that for me to see things clearly..


fresh direction now...


this is my word for 2010. (is it a word?? my imac dictionary doesn't think so).. anyway... everyone in blog-land seems raptured by this idea of choosing one word to describe your intentions for the next year... i think its a cool idea.. i'm in! albeit i am a little late start.. but as you may know, i don't like to follow the rules.

so.. vibrance... yes. vibrance!

i yearn to live a more vibrant life... a life with more celebrations, more fun, more laughter. i want prepare more nutrient-packed vibrant dishes for my family to savour! to feel sparkly in my body and soul and to help in any way i can for my family and friends to feel the same... to develop a photo portfolio of vibrance to share with the world, helping to spread joy and speed healing.


2010! welcome to my year of vibrance!

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