Wednesday, December 16, 2009



oh my, look at those eyes... isn't she precious?

so cute... so chill...

i had a session with her human family a couple weekends back... beautiful people.. inside and out. really connected and pure love.

i can't express accurately how much i love doing what i do.. but here, i will try..

being a photographer allows me the great honor of meeting fantastic people... the bonus is:: i get paid to watch them.. to study their interactions with those they love most.. so many times i am crying behind the lens..


it brings me so much joy to watch love in action. to witness the tender and revering embrace of a couple.. to watch the touch of a mother filled with unconditional love for her children... to watch the joy, hope and sweet surrendering in a pregnant mama's eyes when i ask her to tell me about her baby...

so often, i am blown away with the unreal feeling that comes along with being invited to document these tender and joy-filled moments!

i am so fortunate... i know this.

and i am truly honored.

wishing you a good and relaxing night lovelies...