Tuesday, November 17, 2009


the giveaway over at today's mama is incredible!  head over there for details to enter...

Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme
TodaysMama and Provo Craft are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

1. What 5 items are on your holiday wish list this year? 

a new bicycle.. in green preferably :).. the bike above will do nicely :)
an iphone 
a date weekend with mike in cabo (a girl can dream, right?)

2. What is your favorite handmade gift you have received? 
so many... my top three are:: the side table my dad handcrafted, the inspiration journal my mom created, and the wizard my father-in-law carved... they are so magical and special!

3. What handmade gift have you always wanted to tackle? 

to knit mittens for my family... like these

4. What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child? 

i really can't remember a particular gift, maybe a green velvet dress but i can't remember if that was for christmas... what i do remember vividly is when i awoke to snow after thinking we wouldn't have a white christmas... i must have been 4 or 5... living in the desert is always strange for me at this time of year.. i am in a perpetual state of seasonal shock from thanksgiving to new years.. then i quickly get over it!

5. What items are on your kid’s wish list this year? 

my four year of wants to be a faerie.. so wings are in order
and my 10 month old hasn't said a word :)

6. What is your favorite holiday food? 

pumpkin pie and green bean casserole (not a healthy version, but the stuff made with campbells cream of mushroom and canned green beans)

7. What will you be hand-crafting for the holidays? 

hopefully finishing the string quilt for my family gift and now most likely i'll be making faerie wings

8. What is your favorite holiday movie? 

charlie brown christmas and home alone, which reminds me of my brothers who watched it over and over and over...

9. Favorite holiday song? 
oh holy night

10. Favorite holiday pastime?

playing board games by the fire with my siblings when we all lived in michigan (weepy now)