Tuesday, September 29, 2009


just finished editing these lovies... all i see is beauty and love with these two... what an honor it is to do what i do!


hello lovelies...
yay... my phone is back!
here is a little audio treat for this wonderful tuesday afternoon...

***sending love ***

Thursday, September 24, 2009


good morning lovely you...

i created this blog to serve as a space for special announcements and maybe a glimpse into my life...

***first announcement***
my phone has disappeared! a replacement is on the way, but until then, you can reach me by email jen@jenlongphotography.com

and for fun...

here are 5 things about me (so we may become better acquainted:)

** i do not typically type in proper fashion...
therefore you will find predominately lowercase typing and lots of pausing...... i hear these things annoy the hell out of some people, so be forewarned:)

** i love traveling especially if it involves camping.... i loooovvve camping!

** as much as i love traveling and being out of doors, deep down i'm a homebody... beautifying my nest brings me crazy pleasure..

** one of my dreams is to own a **reliable** green vw bus - is there such a thing?

** another dream of mine is to skinny dip in the indian ocean... mmm... i got chills just typing that!

enjoy this beautiful day!

sending love and joy to you....